I’m a Data Warehouse consultant based in Germany (Europe) with years of experience in building and designing Data Warehouse architecture based on the Microsoft platform. I’m part of an advisory team supporting the largest Data Warehouse installations on SQL Server in the German speaking area (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).
My focus is on the relational part of the Data Warehouse including Dimensional Modeling as well as Data Loading, Performance Tuning and defining the overall architecture (scale out, sizing, high availability). I’m a big fan of SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), but I don’t want to start a tool discussion here.
So why I did I start writing this blog? Well there are a lot of good blogs out there focusing on the pure technology like SQL Server, High Availability, SSIS, … But what I think is missing is a best practice and guidance oriented way on how to build data warehouses especially in the area of terabytes.
So I will focus on the relational modeling as well as the ETL part including performance tuning of the Data Warehouse and bring together best practices and guidlines we have seen on our largest projects which are probably also interesting for other consultants.

Have fun…