Currently there is nothing really happening on my blog. It’s not because I have no topics or no passion for writing it’s a time problem. I have been on vacation and I have currently 2 major tasks which costs all my time:

I will give a Data Warehouse Advanced Training focused on backend modeling / design, scale out and loading best practices with SSIS. This will be a 2 day training which I present within my company and it takes always quite a time to prepare the slide decks and the demos.

The FastTrack POC, which I’m currently doing for a customer, is focused also on scale out architecture. The POC is running on a DL 580, with 32 cores, 512GB of memory and a theoretical throughput of 7.5 GB/s.

Screenshot TaskManager

I started with some SQL IO tests to benchmark the physical and logic throughput and the first results look very promising but still there is potential for optimization.

So what comes next? I plan to write the 3rd and last post of my SAP Integration series which will be focused on SAP R/3 integration and I will share some more insights of the FastTrack POC. So stay tuned, I promise to deliver. Smile