imageWith SQL Server 2012 Microsoft introduces the new in-memory analytics engine “xVelocity”. This new engine is delivered within the following modules:

xVelocity for Data Warehousing: is a memory optimized columnstore index for high speed data querying (relational queries).

xVelocity for Business Intelligence: is the in-memory analytics engine for Analysis Services (Tabular Model) and PowerPivot.

As the name in-memory engine implies all the data is stored in memory. Although todays computer systems are equipped with gigabytes of memory, memory still is an expensive resource. Therefore we need to be able to analyze the memory usage of the Analysis Services in-memory engine to understand how much memory is consumed by the different applications.

Kasper de Jonge did exactly this and created a PoverPivot workbook that allows to investigate the memory usage.


The workbook uses an MDX statement to query the memory information from Analysis Services as shown below.

select * from $system.Discover_object_memory_usage

The workbook can be downloaded here: BISMServerMemoryReport.