It was a little bit quite here in the last weeks. The reason for this was a trip to Seattle that needed to be prepared. I visited the Product Advisory Summit of SQL Server, which was a small conference with around 200 people from world wide, that had the chance to provide feedback to the Microsoft product group on areas like BI, Data Warehouse and Cloud. On the other hand the product group presented us topics they are currently working on. Unfortunately I’m not able to give further details, since all the content is under NDA.

I also took the chance to visit the PASS Conference and was very impressed about this fast growing community. I remember when I was there in 2009 the room of the key not was only have of the size is has been now, that was really fascinating. Along with all the new stuff like Hekaton, writable Column Index Store, PDW Version 2 and all the other new things Microsoft has been shown us I believe we will have a fantastic year 2013 with lot’s of exciting projects. So it’s time for me to catch up here.