This morning I have seen an interesting interview with Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella at the University of Berlin (Satya Nadella as guest at TU Berlin) and he was talking about the new generation, technologies, students, changing business models and passion. So it made me think about my passion and what makes me happy every day, even if I need to stand up at 5 in the morning (of course Smile)?


So here are my 4 major passions:

  • It’s about my customers: I really like the time in which we live now. We can see a big paradigm shift in the area of Digital Enterprises, Big Data, Data Analytics and the Internet of things. So a lot of fascinating projects happens these days and I feel very lucky to be part of some of them.
  • It’s about my team: Because this new world is so fast changing and challenging it’s so important to have a great team in order to be successful. And what I like in my team is, that we share the same passion. And if you share the same passion, you can achieve fantastic things and have a lot of fun and success.
  • It’s about technologies: I have a good technical background and focused my research in the last month on Data Analytics, Big Data, Machine Learning and new technologies that came up with the evolution of the cloud technologies. And there is a great video I always remember from Lars Thomsen about “520 weeks of future”: 520 Wochen Zukunft — die zweite Dekade der grossen Chancen. Unfortunately this video is in German, but it makes me think.
  • It’s about education: I started to learn to self educate myself at my first days at university. All of my colleagues were familiar with the Internet, websites, mp3 and all the great things in the year of 2000. So I had to catch up. And after some years in consulting with lot’s of experiences I got in so many projects, I felt that it’s now time to share these experiences with others and help educating our new generation. That’s why I started to give trainings, talks on conferences, published whitepapers and started to write a blog.

So what are yours? What makes you excited in your day to day job?

Have fun…