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A call to all Data Engineers and BI workers

In the last two years I had the chance to get my hands on some very exciting Data Analytics projects and I wanted to take the chance to recap and to reach out to Data Engineers and BI Consultants. Why?... Continue Reading →

Data Science Labs – Data Analytics with SQL Server and R… (Part 1)

…how well do they play together? I continue my Data Science Lab series with a new story about Data Analytics based on SQL Server and R. As I already described in the Data Science workplace R is a typical and... Continue Reading →

Conference time – From data to business advantage

I’m happy to say that I will present another session on Data Analytics together with Rafal Lukawiecki on the 21st of March in Zurich. This event is organized by Microsoft and Rafal and is focused on Data Analytics with the... Continue Reading →

Analytic Powerhouse–Parallel Data Warehouse and R

It’s already some weeks ago since I presented this session about PDW and R at the SQL Server Conference in Darmstadt. The conference itself was very nice, we had about 350 participants, mostly from Germany. I wanted to take the... Continue Reading →

Create a Data Science Lab with Microsoft and Open Source Tools

…this was the title of my session I had at the SQL Rally Nordic. Together with my friends Gerhard, Alexei and Thomas and a crowd of the best speakers in the PASS community we had the chance to present in... Continue Reading →

Data Science Labs – Cluster analysis with Microsoft BI and R

As I pointed out in my post about a Data Science workplace I ‘m going to write more about how we can leverage tools like R in combination with Microsoft BI. In my last post I shortly introduced a typical... Continue Reading →

Data Science Labs – Analyze Twitter data with Excel and Power Query

A typical Big Data architecture is able to handle structured data and unstructured data. Databases are great to handle large amounts of structured data, which can be queried very efficient and fast. But databases are not an appropriate store for... Continue Reading →

A Data Science workplace

In my post about what makes a Data Scientist I talked about the role of a Data Scientist and the kind of work that these people do. So next I want to talk about the Data Science laboratory and how... Continue Reading →

Data Science–What’s the big deal about it?

            Thomas Davenport, an American academic and publisher for Harvard Business Review, once said that Data Scientist is “the Sexiest Job of the 21st Century”. But why is there such a big hype and mythos... Continue Reading →

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